The escalator is the most efficient tool of horizontal or vertical transport in terms of the number of people transported. It keeps a continuous flow of people.

It is a proven product. Customized, it will be adapted to your architectural constraints.

Pay attention to the implementation of this product in your site, because of its important size.

Caractéristiques standards

Time using per day: 24 hours

Transport capacity: Around 10’000 people /hour

Recommended Angle: From 30° to 35° maximum

Width available [mm]: 600/800/1000

Handrail: Safety glass (10 mm)

Height : 1000 mm

Speed [m/s]: 0,5 to 0.65

Maximum size [m]: 3 to 25 (Other size after study)

Power supply: AC 3 phases 50 – 60Hz

location : Outside / Inside