Automatic traffic bollard

We believe that the best feature of a product is its quality. We believe in the innovation and research of new products that understand and cater to customer demands, allowing for full functionality and security, with improved performance and greater benefits for the consumer.
Tradition and experience are important values, a treasure that we always put into play in order to meet the new challenges that lie ahead.
The present and future of our professional capacity is held through our willingness to evaluate it any time.

Our strength is the wide range: whatever the need, ranging from residential security installation to the highest level of antiterrorism securities, we have it all. Our products and accessories always provide for the possibility to find the ideal solution to satisfy any needs regarding management, safety, and design.


Complete systems composed of retractable bollards, automation and electrical components, centralized control software, and control equipment. These systems are designed to organize traffic flow in community and commercial areas, semipedestrian areas where traffic is restricted, in parking lots, and in residential areas, by limiting access to authorized vehicular traffic only.


Infor­mation and communica­tions technology solutions demonstrate the compa­ny’s willingness to work with innovate suppliers and propose technological solutions in line with modern times.


We offers a range of high security solutions that meet the most stringent international standards in terms of impact resistance.

A range designed to protect sensitive areas where the need for security of buildings and people are critical. Our security solutions manage and regulate traffic in strategic access points.


Highlight the beauty of a historical monument or simply provide the visibility needed for a safe environment.


This range is the association of aesthetic markers in the forms of time and sense of place. Bollards, posts, and fences are some of many solutions we offer to protect the freedom of those who have to share space. In addition to an access control solution, Complements Solutions ensure the harmonization of pedestrian zones, and other living spaces.

Our suppliers carry out quality control, ensured at all stages from design to production.

The integration of design, product qualification and complete control of production processes provide users with a remarkable level of quality assurance.

With this process of ongoing improvement, we are committed to:

  • proposing customised solutions for access control according to your needs and expectations,
  • help improving the quality of its products and services,
  • putting the satisfaction of its customers first