Flexstep convertible stairs

FlexStep is an elegant combination of regular stairs and wheelchair lift, which easily provides wheelchair users and the walking-impaired access between two levels. The convertible 2-in-1 solution saves a lot of space compared to both stairs and a lifting platform. FlexStep is easy to integrate into any existing surroundings due to a wide range of design options and configurations.

FlexStep is the perfect solution for wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons who have to overcome level differences, especially where available space is limited. This 2-in-1 product combines staircase and lifting platform in the optimum way. The most space-saving lift available in the market and even in a design that accommodates the most discerning taste.

Space-saving solution

If you have problems fitting both a staircase and platform lift for wheelchair users, FlexStep is the perfect solution! In narrow spaces this 2-in-1 solution fits. As default FlexStep is a staircase but it can be transformed into a lifting platform whenever it is needed.

Flexible and adjustable design

The unique design offers the best opportunities for adjusting to the surrounding architecture and interior decorations. Various details can be adjusted to each customer’s needs to integrate the solution completely into its surroundings. All customers have influence on materials, configuration, colours and shapes on their FlexStep.

Safety first

Safety protections ensure risk-free use of the FlexStep. The four intelligent synchronized motors ensure calm and safe transport between levels. As standard the FlexStep is fitted with all conceivable safety measures.

  • Innovative and efficient design for disabled access
  • High Quality European product
  • Easy to integrate in both new and existing buildings
  • Utilisation en intérieur et en extérieur
  • No structural alterations are necessary, just a level floor
  • Secure
  • Runs even during power failures