Automatic closing door

Effortless opening and closing – at a constant speed. Advanced electronics with self-learning microprocessor control ensure optimal power.

Operator for swing doors, single or double leaf, maximum width 1600 mm and weight up to 400 kg.

We offer electromechanical swing door automation for a wide range of applications. It can be installed in “push” mounting with standard arm or “pull” mounting with a rail.

Flexible functional range

It is possible to combine two operators for double-leaf doors. The many built-in functions ensure compatibility with most applications.

Door Closer & Automatic Mode

Users can choose between two operating modes: “Door Close” mode and “Automatic” mode. In Door closer mode, the swing door operator is optimized for manual operation. With its “Power Assist” function, the Door Closer mode is particularly suitable for manually opening doors requiring the door closer function. Automatic mode is ideal for automatic access with motion detector or push button release.

Wind Load Control

The swing door operator is especially suitable for exterior doors that are subjected to varying wind loads and for interior doors separating rooms where different air pressures prevail. The Wind Load Control monitors the actuation speed, keeping it constant at the preset value.

“Power Assist” function

The “Power Assist” function can be activated when the door is in Door closed mode. As soon as a user opens the door a few degrees, the servo-assistance supports the manual opening cycle, automatically adjusting the pre-set closing force according to the applied force.


Flexible configuration: customers choose only the functions they need

Economical transport and easy assembly due to low operator weight

Low noise levels through multi–stage gearing

Aesthetic thanks to its slim design

Elegant: the operator measures only 70 mm high

Various functions included as standard

Fields of application

For single and double-leaf swing doors

The “Pull” version with rail and the “Push” version with standard arm are both suitable for fire-resistant doors

Thanks to the “Low Energy” and “Full Energy” versions, the system can automate interior and exterior doors with light or heavy traffic.

High torque for fully automated swing doors with motion detection radar activation

Security detector

This swing door safety sensor is based on laser technology.

A single model covers the entire width and height of the leaf as well as the pinch area. It extends its coverage area beyond the sharp edge of the door. The non-detection zone is reduced to only about ten centimetres of the ground.