Homelift is a simplified lift for particular using or public using but limited.

Its features allows to don’t respect elevators directive. The result is a solution cheaper and as much usefull and confortable.

Outside or inside, Homelift is 100% customable according to your wishes and needs. We can provide a shaft too. So it’s useless for our customer to provide builded shaft: we will fit to all building, house. even the smallest.

We offer products designed and manufactured according to the principles of green energy: Reduction of up to 70% in electricity consumption and up to 70% of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Our appliances operate on 230V-50Hz and require only 0.55 kW as much as your vacuum cleaner.

This product is completely safe. The automatic return of the cabin to the floor is guaranteed in case where a power failure appears.

We can make it accessible by motorizing the landing doors.