Stairtrainer: Staircase for rehabilitation

StairTrainer is a staircase for rehabilitation and the steps can be lifted to different levels of difficulty. StairTrainer has gained popularity among clinics and physiotherapists world wide for its unbeaten treatment success rate combined with high safety standard and user friendliness.

Begin rehabilitation at a very early stage with the flexible StairTrainer and improve chances of full recovery after illness. It is also perfect for strenght training for walking-impaired, maintenance training for elderly and walking-impaired, both adults and children.

Quick and safe rehabilitation

As the steps can be adjusted to a height of 2,5 cm and up for each individual patient, the user is allowed to start training at a very early stage. Together with the robust banister all the way around the staircase, the user can feel completely safe to start climbing the stairs in a secure environment. StairTrainer is a safe and good solution for both user and therapist.

Digital display and wheels

Follow the progress with the digital display that shows the current height – a help and motivation for all. Moreover, the StairTrainer is transportable; when driving it all the way down to a platform, the rotatable wheels come down and the StairTrainer can drive through door openings of 90 cm from one user to the next.

  • Several adjustment options for level of difficulty
  • Simple to transport
  • Digital display enables user to follow progress
  • Faster begin of rehabilitation proces
  • Higher success rate of rehabilitation.
  • Safer way of training or exercising
  • Mobile training device
  • Sharing of device between several departments and clinics possible
  • Ensures training in undisturbed surroundings
  • Plug & Play feature requires no installation or setup by professionals