Camouflaged platform

This lift can easily and elegantly be integrated into any style as it is discreetly built into, and camouflaged according to, its surroundings. When not in use the lifting platform is hidden in the floor and has a surface adapted to the rest of the floor.

The room needs not to be adapted to the lift. It is the other way around – the lift is adjusted to the room! As it is built into the floor it creates easier access for both wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons in places with small level differences – 1 or 2 steps in e.g. shop entrances and hotel lobbies.

Integrated design

It represents clever and modern thinking within the industry combining in one stroke design, function and elegance. As the lift is camouflaged in the floor you only have to think of the top flooring on the lifting platform: Carpet, vinyl, mats and wood or even granite, marble, paving stone, flagstone and floor plates.

Stable and safe lifting

The design may be simple but it conceals a robust system with a high lifting capacity. HDN features a registered lifting principle which ensures the wheelchair remains level and stable. A safety skirt is fitted around the lift which prevents a wheelchair from rolling off while the lift is in operation. The user is protected from any squeezing risk.

  • Elegant and user-friendly design
  • Option of optical adjustment to surroundings
  • Robust and very strong design despite the lifts simplicity
  • Simple and easy operation for all
  • Completely closed and injury-risk-free system
  • A stable, registered lifting principle
  • Safety skirt around the entire lift prevents wheelchairs from rolling off
  • Extremely silent during operation
  • Peut s’installer à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur