Scissor lift tables

Highly robust, Scissor lift tables are designed for any using with load transfer and elevation requirements.

They are easily integrated into any production line. Capacities and sizes are custom fabrication. They can also be manufactured with specific finishes: surface treatment, stainless steel.

With hydraulic technology (exist in electrical), we can propose you products adapted to the using that you want.

Thank to the dimensions of the variable plate, to the course or to the autorized load (40 000 kg per example).

And by the type of scissor lift table choosen. The professionalism of our suppliers makes everything possible (raising almost everything).

All our solutions have a warranty of 2 years.

All our solutions have the CE certification.

Usefull inside or outside, see below differents cases:

Outside scissor lift table with protection

Scissor lift table for several floorss