Platform lift

A design characterized by straight lines and flat surfaces. The structure is flexible and solid. The product is remarkable and accessible.

Unique and flexible design

Several architects have collaborated in the design of this product. The product is characterized by straight and clean lines, and its flexible construction makes it adaptable specifically to its environment to leave a prestigious footprint.

Simple handling

The platform lift is simple, elegant and easy to operate both on the lifting platform itself through three buttons, via control remote, or through call stations placed above or below the lifting platform.

Stable and comfortable transport

It is the most stable and comfortable lifting platform on the market. The lifting platform is supported in all four corners and fixed to the front end wall and thus the user is conveyed safely and without difficulty to the desired level. The four lifting motors are precisely controlled and completely synchronous, which guarantees a safe and comfortable travel.

  • Lifting capacity : 400 Kg
  • Squeeze hazard protection
  • A stable, registered lifting principle giving a safe and comfortable travel
  • Minimum requirements for the installation site
  • Battery backup in case of power failure
  • Utilisation en intérieur et en extérieur