Sliding gate

The entrance gate is the first element that characterizes a house and its owner.

A motorized entrance gate avoid you to get out of your vehicle during night or when it’s raining !

Think also that, In order to stay in a complete logic of automatism, from the same remote control you can operate your entrance gate and your automatic garage door…

A sliding gate on a rail is an elegant solution when your entrance has on one side a length at least equal to the opening length of the gate. This solution offers the great advantage of not take place on the interior surface of your garden. This type of opening can lead directly to a sidewalk without obstructing the passage of pedestrians.

The engine and the gate are assembled by our supplier and allows to offer a total conformity to the CE norms. This product benefits from two additional qualities, discreet elegance (the engine is invisible) and an innovative technology thanks to the possibility of benefiting from a solar power supply.

The advantage of an aluminum gate is undoubtedly its ability to support the weather without conditions (no rust, no sanding, no multilayer paint).

The aluminum is lightweight and allows easy translation. It’s also very robust.

With dimensions and colors from your choice, we have the solution that will fit you. And this, whatever the location and the using.

A complementary solution

A robust wicket, free of the rails.

Do you need a sliding gate to close an outdoor parking area frequented by heavy vehicles that can damage the rail?

The access to your parking entrance is slightly sloping and doesn’t accept the installation of a horizontal rail?

You have space on the side and you want a large passage?

The self-supporting sliding gate has been designed and manufactured to solve these different scenarios.

Some options:

If you wish the presence of many accessories to connect (digicodes, magnetic detection loop, control receiver, various power supplies) especially do not hesitate to ask us.

– Integrated or separated wicket