Garage door

Sectional door, tilting door, accordion door. Several solutions to answer your needs and practical requests while taking into account the technical requirements of your building (private, public, residential, industrial)

The harmonization can be total with the architecture of your facade and your garage.

We can offer you customized products of all sizes, design, colors … The only limit is your imagination!

The sectional door

Custom fabrication for your comfort and in harmony with the facade of your home.

This door consists of several panels 40mm thick, made of 2 steel shells filled with polyurethane foam. This type of panel provides high quality thermal and sound insulation. They integrate with your façade thanks to the different aspects and colors proposed.

Differents types of portholes (rectangular, round, stainless steel, glazed granite …) allow you to play with light or with discretion retained in your priorities.

An engine is provided with a central draft engine, disengageable in the event of power failure and with reversal if it detects obstacles.

We also propose the automatic lateral door which is a door movable in the horizontal plane. This door doesn’t lift but slides thanks to wheels guided on a rail in height. The enthusiasts of this garage door have the pleasure to rediscover this particular cinematic while enjoying the latest technological advances. New customers will discover this closure that optimizes the garage surface without condemning the ceiling.

The tilting door

It is a tilting garage door, not overflowing either on the outside or on the roadway. This door is automatic and the flexible and quiet movement is ensured by two 24V motors. The door is guided by rails fixed to the ceiling and sides. This door is in a single “part”, which naturally reduces the number of moving parts and thus increases the reliability of the assembly. The door can be declined according to your desires (wood, insulated panels, aluminum blades …)

The accordion door

An elegant accordion door, also called a folding door, for your parking entrances

This door works thanks to an original kinematics, simple and robust, which avoids certain constraints of lateral obstacle and ceiling. It allows automatic closures in narrow entrances and often difficult accesses.

Its reliability and flexibility are appreciated by professionals who know it and know how to use it where other types of doors don’t work.

We are also offering a wide range of complementary products such as ventilation grilles, traffic lights, signage, access control and a convenient, reliable and aesthetic wicket in your door.