Automatic door

The list of existing automatic doors is long. Custom fabrication and from different technologies, we will adapt our solutions to all the cases, to all your requests and answer in the best way to all your needs.

We invite you to meet us in order to offer you a diagnosis of your needs and to orient you towards the ideal product. We can work in various sectors such as shops, hospitals, banks, hotels, private.

Standard sliding doors

The standard sliding door with bi-part or single slide opening is the most popular automatic and functional door.

Telescopic sliding doors

Ideal for entrances with space restrictions, for partitioning corridors, or if a wider than usual access is needed.

Curved sliding doors

Curved and semicircular doors enable the creation of singular and elegant entrances without losing the functionality of a sliding door.

Tambour ou carrousel

Ideal for keeping air conditioning in buildings and adding a touch of distinction.


Swing doors provide functionality, safety and design. Personalized finishings and colours allow them to adapt perfectly to all the types of environments.

Étanches coulissantes

The sliding hermetic doors guarantees air tightness thanks to its unique features. Wide range of finish options and functionalities to adapt it to any architectural project.

Hermetic swing doors

Unique mechanisms guarantee the airtightness of our swing doors. Adaptable to any project from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Hermetic glass Clear View doors

Ideal for observation and ICU rooms thanks to its high visibility as well as its insulating properties to maintain the airtightness of the room.

Porte de radiologie

Our automatic lead-lined automatic doors for radiology rooms guarantee the insulation of the area thanks to its lead layer placed in the leaf and in the vision panel.

Fire-resistant doors

They have a partition function and combine the functionality and aesthetic of an automatic door with the properties of isolation and integrity against fire.

Emergency exit doors

Combine the functionality of an automatic door with the possibility of breaking-out the leaves in the direction of egress.